May 30th from 10:45-11:15

I nearly skipped this practice, and would have gone to bed instead if not for having this public challenge.

It sounds early, but I’ve been following the old adage, “early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise.” I could use all three, honestly.

Here are the big diversions from stillness:

At 29 minutes left, I was struck by the urge to stop and plan out today’s schedule. I resisted, but decided to take some notes to make writing this post easier.

At 25 minutes left, I realized viscerally how interconnected mind and body are. It seemed to me that it might even be profitable to forget thinking in terms of either mind or body, but rather in terms of mind-body.

At 17 minutes remaining, I recalled thinking about how I would choose to live if money wasn’t an issue. I decided that living on a boat would pretty awesome, though having to buy all of that marine diesel would feel yuck. I thought about whether I had ever heard of an electric yacht, but couldn’t say that I had. From there I jumped to considerations of great manta winged solar powered submersible dwellings. This was absurd enough to get me to remember to go into stillness.

At 6 minutes remaining, I saw how being overweight is similar to being slowly devoured by a giant amoeba.  You are surrounded by a malign gelatinous mass that slowly cooks your internal organs leading to death.

At 3 minutes remaining, I was caught up in some reverie about werewolves having a strong prejudice against those who lived either in the countryside in the old way or in the city in the new. It was very close to dream logic. 

There were other distractions, of course, but no more that made me forget I was supposed to be trying to enter stillness.

Will Lomers

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