I’ll keep one day behind on my reports to give me time to type them up the following day. This first entry describes the happenings of May 29th from 11:00 to 11:30.

I’m a bit rusty. I’ve done this entering into stillness thing before, but hopefully this time it sticks as a habit. I had a couple of tangents which was definitely to be expected, but I had forgotten how long thirty minutes can be while trying to not think. Normally I meditate in 20 minute increments, so at 23 minutes I didn’t stop myself from checking the timer. Hopefully I’ll stretch out my attention span as well from doing this thing.

My first distraction was Pink Floyd’s Money. I had heard the song earlier in the day, and it came back and stayed around in protest. Next I got a bit distracted by the idea of changing the song into Bach’s Cello Suite # 1. That was fun, and in that moment of fun I remembered what I was trying to do and got quiet again. Not long after I began to debate with myself if that most of my thoughts being aural defines me as an “aural learner.” I came to the conclusion that, no, I process information kinesthetically, not through hearing. It is the “feeling” of the interrelationship of areas of space and their movements that constitute my efforts to come to understand a given phenomenon, though that understanding is most often expressed through sounds. It was somewhere along here where I was questioning “Magic’s” preference for visual expression and the need for more minority learning-style takes on the Big Ideas that I caught myself and reined it in again. This is near when I checked the clock. The next thing I remember interrupting my quiet was a profound shock at not remembering what had happened last. I must have finally shut up for a bit and the shear novelty of the state caused it to break. I couldn’t recover before the chime went off.

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