Tomorrow starts my preliminary work on the meditation challenge. As mentioned in my statement of intent, much of this preliminary work will be training myself to rise earlier in the morning to have time for meditation and physical exercise. I will put the exercise first, as I’ve tried meditating in the morning after waking up only to fall back to sleep. My ultimate goal is to be able to go for a 30 minute run before moving into 30 minutes of meditation (which will be my ideal winter schedule) Of course, with summer hours, I might be able to extend the running to an hour and then get 30 minutes of meditation before I need to focus on my job.

There are three meditations exercises given in the Quareia module. The first is the basic building block and the other two are added as the first is mastered. It is my hope that by the end of June, I will be ready for the challenge proper and will have mastered all three forms to build a daily practice that will incorporate all three forms in quick succession for thirty minutes a day.


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