Sleepiness was was the theme of my morning, as I struggled to not doze off at work.  Didn’t realize how sleep deprived I was until I started doing silent meditation this week, but wow, it was really noticeable.

Instead of guzzling more coffee – a short term solution which exacerbates the problem by interfering with sleep quality – I took a long lunch and spent a half-hour in the sun doing a specific sequence of inner energy practice  to battle sleep deprivation.  Worked pretty well, too – at one point I could feel the waves of tugging heaviness at the back of my head start to vibrate and dissipate.  I can’t say my energy work gets all the credit: part of it was just being in naturally stimulating hot sunlight for a half hour (it was about 90 degrees where I work and a clear, sunny afternoon) and part stemmed from  scrupulously avoiding sugary foods all day.  Still, I was wide awake all afternoon: a good sign of success. Hopefully I’ll sleep in this weekend.   

Meditation went very well, with noticeably more inner silence today.  I sometimes joke silent meditation should be called “crown chakra stimulation” or “crown chakra energy work.”  I entered the very subtle bliss state caused by solid meditation at some points.  It’s never perfect – there’s always distractions and deeper silence to enter, but overall, not bad.  I spent about 35 minutes in meditation before getting up.


No dozing off while meditating today.  At one point I entered a very short visionary/dream state, but I wasn’t dozing, it was more like a very short dream arising while awake.  Possibly this was a result of being physically awake through energy work and outdoor sunlight time while still being deprived of REM sleep.  Intereatingly I could feel the palpable way the dream manifested within my subtle body as stimulation of my throat chakra.  This is something I have read about and experienced to some degree in the past, but the link was really strong and noticeable today.  Quite interesting and insightful!