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Well its Magical 30 Challenge TIME….

So I have started research a set of meditative walking techniques.

Some research has brought me here… Walking Qigong Excercises .

Some research I am trying to get contact with another author who I bought one of his books, because I need a freaking kindle version.  Hopefully, he’s not a jerk however with Tai Chi teachers, and occultist, well you probably know the rate of dickdom.   If I get his book, and like it, I will put it in a later blog.    I did get Breathwalk: Breathing Your Way to a Revitalized Body, Mind and Spirit, and Thinking Body, Dancing Mind: Taosports for Extraordinary Performance in Athletics, Business, and Life but have not had time to review them yet.  The  Walking Qigong Excercises above is quite excellent, and thats coming from someone who knows A HELL of alot about Qigong.  I like them so far, just want to double check the research.

So a few things.  I am definitely not to much a fan of a lot of the pseudo-Buddhist walking meditations… sure sure sure, love and light…. Inhale light, exhale negativity on each step.  Alot of that sort of thing,  I could come up with that completely on my own and maybe before the end of the research period I will.  Instead, I am going to go back to some Taoist roots to work out some details.

My conditions upfront conditions for this challenge:

  • The meditations must be moving and mostly that means walking.
  • Due to getting ehem… screamed at to get my ass instructed by Gran Bwa to go the forest more often, which will facilitate much physical and emotional healing work, I need to do.
  • The meditations must be moving, and have a strengthening effect on the body.
  • The meditation may included mindfullness or Zen techniques.
  • Walking Meditation must be able to be done with people around ( that means almost a not total gnosis experience).
  • The Meditation need not stregthen the energy system as  this is a meditation challenge. 

More posts more posts!!!!!