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I’ve been looking over my resources and I’ve up come with a tentative plan for each meditation for the month as a whole. Each session will begin with the Ofnung (open door) technique from Hands on Chaos Magic. Basically, you count down from 100 while consciously relaxing each muscle group from the feet up to the crown. For first week I will alternate zen meditation with the various breathwork exercises from HoCM.

The following week or so I will work through the meditation and visualization exercises from chapter one of The Psychonaut’s Field Manual. In particular, these consist of focusing exercises like 30 minutes of staring at a candle with a clear mind and 30 minutes of visualizing alchemical symbols.

Next, I will return to zen meditation and do breathing and meditation exercises from The Sorcerer’s Secret.

The fourth week of the month will work through NLP and anchoring exercises from HoCM. I’ll finish the month by testing the anchors from the previous week.


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