I’ve got two more days to decide which book to use as a reference for this challenge, however, I’m pretty sure the focus will be on meditation and energy work.  Two texts I picked up recently were:

“Magical Passes” by Carlos Castaneda

“The Book of Chakras and Subtle Bodies” by Stephen Sturgess

I have almost nil experience and knowledge of shamanism and/or shamanic techniques and the moving meditation/energy work piece of Castaneda’s work is very intriguing.  I do, however, have experience working with chakras and energy movement.  Though after an initial look at Sturgess’ book, there are plenty of exercises that would also take me out of my comfort zone.  

Books that I consider having “source code” for meditation work is “HOCM,” “The Sorcerer’s Secrets,” and “Liber Null.”  Another reference being culled for this project is “The Transcendental Meditation Primer” by Patricia Drake Hemingway.  I consider this book to be a scientific sales pitch for the benefits of meditation, however, there is also a smattering of practical exercises worth examining.  

Current Daily Practices:

– currently meditating TWICE per day using several assistive technologies: the Brain Wave Entrainment software from transparentcorp.com in conjunction with or separate from the Proteus Light & Sound Machine and Audiostrobe glasses (available from www.mindplace.com).  I sometimes think that using these technologies is akin to NOT using The Force, however, they’ve been invaluable to kickstarting a daily practice of meditation.  Call them my Steroids for the Soul.

– 3-5 sessions per week of pranayama yoga.  Why this practice?  Robert Anton Wilson said so.  


It is my intention for this course to prepare me psychologically and spiritually for further, and more advanced, solo and group magical practice in addition to the upcoming “Shapeshifting Course” being offered by Andrieh later this summer.  *ahem!  foot stomp*

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