I’m in.

I wold like to use this challenge guide myself into deep trance using hypnotic autosuggestion, and then to ratify and calibrate trance within to prove to myself that i am really under.

To my way of thinking, meditation work is really just hypnotic engagement (focus object, posture and breathing, and doing inductions and deepeners).

I will use the Autogenic Training realaxation induction with the GV Sunnen Protocol trance ratification.

I have been doing AT sporadically for over a decade, long before i ever considered doing any magick. It ALWAYS works to get me deep trance states, but it is SLOW. For that reason, i would like to eventually change the AT over to street hypnotism’s rapid or instant inductions.

Rapid inductions are catalepsy inductions which work quickly, usually within 5 – 20 seconds. Instant inductions are shock or confusion inductions, and they put you all the way under immediately. Toronto hypnotist Mike Mandel explains the difference between the two here.

The deep trance cues in hypnotism are known as trance ratifications or calibration. As well, when in a hypnotic state, you will observe different hypnotic phenomena. All of these things are proofs that what you are doing is actually working.

Once in a hypnotic state you can do as much magick as you damn well please.It is the road to that state that is the challenge.

By the end of the month i would like to be able to drop into a magickal state at will.

Like most magicians and all hypnotists, i am extremely fucking lazy and easily distracted by unimportant things. Therefore i’ll get around to it eventually if distraction doesn’t take me elsewhere.

On with the show.


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