I have decided that I want to persue both meditation and breathwork during this 30 day challenge period.

Although I will be doing breathwork and meditation exercises concurrently during this time frame I have determined to use two different source works. 

For the meditation part of the challenge I will be using the Ár nDraíocht Féin Two Powers meditation.  Although I am a member of Ár nDraíocht Féin I am really not into the “high church” style that they use.  The Core Order of Ritual is too convoluted for my personal style, and I prefer more shamanic style workings.  Honestly I am really only a member because I believe strongly in the vision of ADF founder and first Archdruid Isaac Bonewits to someday have a system of public pagan worship.  That said, The Two Powers Meditation video or the script is one that I have tried, like, and want to improve. 

For the breathwork portion I intend on using the exercises outlined in Andrieh Vitimus’ book Hands On Chaos Magic.

I intend to start with the first breathwork exercise and progressively work my way through them all.  I  intend to familiarize myself with all of them and their benefits and uses and make them a regular part of my daily practice.

My hope and expectation for this challenge is to make breathwork and meditation exercises a regular, habitual daily practice.  One that I’ve neglected due to laziness and the inertia of daily life.  I have determined that whether or not I win this challenge I will break my pattern of inertia and begin to make changes in myself and my life.