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Before I can go any further with the work I will be sharing in this blog over the next year, I have to set down my thoughts about the last 30 Day Challenge I participated in.

I have not been procrastinating on this issue. Rather, I have left the experience alone to — compost is the wrong word, but express some of the idea. Thoughts, observations, and connections have been noted, placed in proximity to each other, and left to mature. This process was a vital final step in the process.

It’s importance lies wholly in how I felt at the close of the thirty days of this working compared to how I felt at the close of the previous two 30 Day Challenges undertaken. At the close of the previous two, there was a strong, positive charge — a tangible ‘Yes! I did this.’ I think the reason for that is both challenges involved a physical manipulation of outer materials.

The first I participated in was the 30 Day Energy Challenge. The effects of my first day’s working were immediately manifested (which in itself is an excellent reason to begin any form of daily energy work). The second challenge involved creating and empowering a talisman. As such, it involved energetic manipulation of tangible object(s). It also (re)opened my trusting intuition regarding energetic ebbs and flows.

The third challenge brought in additional beings and focused much more on internal energies. Granted, there were external accoutrements involved and serving as focal points to facilitate this communication. However, again for me, there were few immediate ‘Wow!’ moments to keep me running eagerly forward. Instead, there were many more subtle shifts that are still rippling outward. Some days, there was nothing. Just me showing up and knocking on the door; and finding no one at home. Yet there were also a few times when the door was opened and fantastic insights were gained.

I am glad I did this challenge, though. It showed me, in no uncertain terms that cannot be conveyed through reading alone, that life will interfere with workings; workings will not always go as expected (in both positive and negative ways), and that workings do not have to be fireworks shows for changes (both lasting and subtle) to manifest. I had learned basic perseverance from the previous two challenges; this time, I learned endurance and determination. They have been my metaphysical boot camps. The challenges have given me tools to use as I continue my path and work forward.

I cannot wait to see what comes next.

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