I had given Bune two weeks to see some drastic increases in sales on my website. Or at least drastic enough for me to recognize that he was indeed working with me. I don’t remember the exact date, but it was midway through my 30 day challenge, so it is past the time period.

This was the first time that I ever attempted working with a Goetic spirit, and even though I know something showed up many times, my guess is that it may have been a trickster type spirit rather than Bune part of the time. I believe that I did get Bune a couple of times. Once when I was guided to the book that is supposed to help me get over my personal blocks where wealth is concerned, which I am still reading and working on, and the other when I asked for a specific tip amount from my day job.

But thanks to this challenge, I feel more confident in trying to evoke these types of spirits, and will attempt this again in the future. But always with respect. I’m not getting cocky about it. Thanks for this opportunity, Andrieh, and thank you Chip for the encouragement.