Even though I worked today, I did an evocation since it was day 30. I had gotten an energy drink towards the end of my shift, and that helped a bunch.

I only put a candle on each corner of the triangle tonight, and I had anointed them with both Sandalwood oil and Money Drawing oil. I used both yellow and red Sandlawood incense, and called Bune in, using the Enn while gazing at his seal in the center of the triangle. I didn’t feel the goosebumps until after I was done saying the Enn this time. I spoke my desire of wealth to Bune, and asked him if he had anything to say to me, or anything that he wanted to show me, as I used the mirror as a scrying tool.

I didn’t get anything, except something invisible brushed my right calf. I then asked if he were there to raise the candle flame of the candle at the top of the triangle only. After a few moments, that flame did raise up a bit while the other 2 remained normal. After tryig to commune for awhile, and keeping the incense going as an offering, I thanked him.

I hope to see results in the next few weeks. Even if it’s not the entire kit and kaboodle, I’d love to see drastic enough results to know that Bune is coming through for me.