So I have to be honest, I thought it was time for a reevaluation of this whole area because while I think I’m getting minor improvements as far as wealth is concerned, nothing major is popping up yet. In fact, things seem to be moving in the wrong direction in some respects. I had to have a brake job that cost me $255, and then today I had to go to the optometrist, and unexpectedly, even with my vision insurance, it cost me $183. Last year it hardly cost me anything. I wasn’t very happy about that at all, and it really threw my finances off for this month.

I didn’t exactly feel like making an offering to Belphegor tonight and quite frankly felt like throwing in the towel. So I decided to do a pendulum session.

I asked quite frankly, “Is Belphegor a liar?” and I got a “Yes” response.

I proceeded to ask a lot of other questions as to whether it was worth continuing to do offerings, whether I would get a big result if I did so, whether I should just banish Belphegor and be done with the whole operation, etc. I could not get the pendulum to give me any answers at all.

I finally asked, “Are you going to give me any answers tonight?” and I got “No.”

So I discontinued the session. I will try again tomorrow night.