While the previous night wasn’t great, last night was a complete turnaround. I used my road opener mojo bag to open the road to Padmasambhava and did the seven line prayer and mantra. I had drawn the sigil onto parchment and used the mojo bag to open the road to Belphegor. I stared at the sigil and chanted the enn. It seemed like reality started to shift this time around the table outside, and it looked like there was energy around and above the table. I could definitely feel a presence around, although it didn’t feel as aggressive as other times.

I thanked Belphegor for coming and thanked him for bringing me wealth. I told him that I wanted to step things up as far as my wealth is concerned. I offered rum and red palm oil to the sigil.

And the next part, I’m going to have to omit as far as what I told Belphegor.  🙂

I lit the parchment and burned it completely. It burned well. I thanked Belphegor and asked him to go forth and bring wealth to me. I then did the seven line prayer and mantra of Padmasambhava and then did an IAO banishing.

This showed that you can’t predict exactly how it will go.