I did the Belphegor evocation last night but didn’t feel it was that great. I used the mojo bag and did the Padmasambhava seven line prayer and mantra. I had drawn the Belphegor sigil on parchment. Part of the obstacle last night was that it was raining. I stared at the sigil and asked the mojo bag to open the road to Belphegor. I chanted the Belphegor enn while staring at the sigil. With the rain coming down, focusing the energy wasn’t the easiest. I felt a little bit of a shift but not a big one. I pretty much had to cut to the chase and act as if Belphegor were there. I thanked him for coming and offered him rum and red palm oil. I then lit the sigil on fire. With the rain, it was difficult to get it to burn, and I had to relight it several times. I kept chanting the enn while lighting the sigil. I finally got most of it to burn. I thanked Belphegor for coming and asked him to go forward and deliver wealth. I did the Padmasambhava prayer and mantra again and then did an IAO banishing.