Good news, a friend of mine messaged me on Facebook this morning and told me that the Hekate petition I did already helped him. He said a client that had been on hold contacted him this morning and wants to move forward, and quickly. This is going to really help my friend out.

So I went back to doing the Belphegor evocation last night. I drew the sigil on parchment, did the Padmasambhava mantra seven times, then stared at the sigil and chanted the Belphegor enn. I had to chant the enn for a long time before I felt the energy start to shift. I did see the sigil start to glow a bit and felt the energy shift somewhat. I can’t say that I felt the energy quite as strongly as I have other times, but I did feel that there could have been his presence there. I thanked Belphegor for coming and gave rum to the sigil as well as red palm oil. I asked Belphegor to continue to bring me wealth and then burned the sigil. I had to keep lighting the parchment quite a few times, but it did burn in full. I thanked Belphegor for his his help and asked him to continue to bring me help, and then I dismissed him. I did the Padmasambhava mantra seven times and then did an IAO banishing.

One thing that’s come up today is that I think there are some people I need to get rid of in my life because they just bring me down. There are two people on Facebook that I’ve considered real life friends that seem to do nothing but criticize what I post lately. It’s getting very tiresome. Last night I posted something very tongue in cheek and got flack from these two people for it. Really, get a fucking sense of humor. My post was not mean nor was it criticizing anyone, but theirs was.