I went to the free kirtan on Sunday night which was enjoyable. I was talking to this friend of mine who is very knowledgable about nutrition who said he was able to cure his allergies with fermented cod liver oil. For me, he thought getting some fermented fish at Whole Foods and eating a little bit each day might be even better.

So I got home and did the offering to Belphegor, but I had a stumbling block tonight. Because of the weather, the neighbors had their windows open, and it was late, so I couldn’t go about chanting at normal volume as I usually did. So I had to keep everything at very low volume. I did the same as last night with the seven line prayer and mantra to Padmasambhava, then chanting the enn, all at almost a whisper. I did feel an energy shift but none of it was quite as strong as before. I thanked Belphegor for coming and for the opportunities he had brought to me. I offered the rum and the red palm oil to the sigil and then burned the sigil. I had to relight the parchment to get it to burn completely. I asked Belphegor to keep bringing me opportunities for wealth and asked him to depart. I did the seven line prayer and mantra of Padmasambhava and then did a banishing.