I’ve been somewhat lax in posting. I did an offering at night the usual way: drew the sigil of Belphegor onto parchment and took it outside along with red palm oil and rum. I took my road opener mojo bag and asked it to open the road to Padmasambhava. I did the seven line prayer and seven recitations of the mantra. I asked the mojo bag to open the road to Belphegor and stared at the sigil and chanted the enn of Belphegor. I did feel a shift and felt someone standing beside me, but I didn’t feel the presence quite as strongly as the previous time. I offered rum to the sigil as well as red palm oil. I thanked Belphegor for coming and for helping to bring me wealth. I burned the sigil in the usual way. I asked Belphegor to continue to bring me wealth and then asked him to depart. I did the seven line prayer and mantra of Padmasambhava again and did a banishing.

On Saturday, I had a couple of interesting things happen. A friend of mine threw an event with some bands which also had a therapist who practices Thai massage and myofascial release. I did a session with her, and my muscles were so unbelievably knotted that she had to do a lot of painful myofascial release to get the trigger points to release. She said she picked up that a lot of this was stress related and pretty much told me that I needed to either quit my job or not care about it so much. So in the meantime, I think I need to do the latter.

I also had a brief reading from an intuitive at the event. I didn’t tell her a whole lot, but she said she saw me with a backpack on and saw me going to a much drier climate. Well, that’s one thing I’ve been thinking about, because the humidity in Illinois seems to aggrivate all my health problems.

I got a call on the way to the event from the owner of a yoga center who said she was having some out of town musicians on Sunday night who were going to do a kirtan and that she’d like to have me as her guest because I’ve gone there in the past and she knew I liked kirtan. So I could go for free. I had the dream about kirtan about a week before, so this was interesting.