Last night, I did an offering just like the previous night. I drew the Belphegor sigil onto parchment paper and took it outside along with rum and red palm oil. I asked the mojo bag to open the road to Padmasambhava, and I did some repetitions of the Padmasambhava mantra. I then asked the mojo bag to open the road to Belphegor and started chanting the Belphegor enn while gazing at the sigil. I felt a lot of aggressive energy come through last night. As with the previous night, the wind picked up while I was chanting and a bird nearby started cawing. I know this isn’t my imagination, because previously when I’d go out to burn the sigil, it was after doing the evocation, and there were no such effects.

I offered the rum to the sigil as well as the red palm oil. I continued chanting the enn. The energy became somewhat unsettling this time, because it almost felt like someone was standing in back of me. I just kept with the feeling. I thanked Belphegor for the work he had done for me already and asked him to continue to bring me wealth. I lit the parchment on fire. I think the key is to stick the lighter under the parchment and also to light as many parts of the parchment as possible. The parchment burned well this time once I got it going. I thanked Belphegor for his help and asked him to go forth and continue to bring me wealth. I also told him that my car needs a brake job, so any speedy help would be appreciated!

I then did an IAO banishing and chanted Padmasmbhava’s mantra. I told the mojo bag to close the road to Belphegor for the night. I always drink some blue solar water afterwards to balance out the vibes.