Recap of the project:  I’m working to improve my astral projection / scrying.  I’m working with three spirits, the demon Bathin;  a secret terrestrial spirit (or possibly Eagle, I’m still not quite sure), and the angel Raziel.  I’m going to do dark mirror conjurations of them, inside a “pre-made” Solomonic circle.

Props: I’ve been working on 3 compact mirrors, each sigilized and charged for one of the spirits.  There are pictures in some previous posts.  Saturday, I pulled out my Solomonic circle canvas.  I havn’t used it in almost 2 years.  Here’s the short version of the story:  I took a new (demanding but fun and meaningful) job 2.5 years ago in CT, which entailed moving away from all my magical friends and my “native soil”.  I spent the first year too busy to do much in the way of magic.  Then, in July of 2012, I decided to “rededicate” myself to magic, doing significantly more daily practice, and also trying to get out of my comfort zone.  (I’d been doing almost exclusively Solomonic style spirit work for several years at that point).  I started doing a lot more “small” magics (sigils and candles and such) and also started doing some energy work and about 45 minutes a day of meditation.  Then, in early October of 2012, I did a Baphomet work with Andrieh (and Jason and a bunch of other people here) at Crucible.  It was very powerful, and shook my life up in great ways, and really re-enegized me magically.  Then, about two weeks later, I had a big personal tragedy which laid me low until well into the spring (and still gives me some “dark days” from time to time).  At Passover (April ish) of 2013, I did the first 30 Day challenge with a crazy spirit called “Asulzaz” to open my third eye, which was VERY far outside my comfort zone, and was quite successful, but not exactly as I’d imaingined it would be.  I’ve done a bunch of stuff since then, but no Solomonic work.  So, getting back to the point, I pulled my Solomon circle out of it’s box and discovered that’s it’s all water damaged.  🙁  So, time to make a new circle!

This time, I’m going to make an octagon, actually.  It will be of 8 strips of canvas, each about 7inches by 38inches, which makes the full octagon just shy of 7 feet across, the biggest that will fit in my living room.  Each piece will have an angel name: Auriel, Zaphkiel, Michael, Sandalphon, Raphael, Sarakiel, Gabriel, and Anael in both Hebrew and English.  I’ll probably use a sigil for each as well (probably the one from the Heptameron for those that have them there).  The angel names will be around the outer circumference, facing out.  Around the inner edge (facing in) will be Godnames (shemot) in Hebrew:  YHVH, Adonai, Elohim, El Shaddai, Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh, El Yon, HaMakom, and I’m not sure what else.  I’m going to lay them all out tomorrow and see how they fit (both physically and magically).  The Shemot will be around the outside circumference, facing out. All the writing will be in black. I’ll put a Star of David over each seam, in blue.  I’m going to serge (seam) the edges in red, I think.  As long as I get out of work on time tomorrow, I’ll finalize the layout tomorrow, and then pencil in the names Thursday and Friday nights.  I’ll ink the names on Saturday, and then sew it all together and charge it on Sunday.  (Making it in pieces and then putting it together should (hopefully) greatly simplify the process, since each piece fits on my table.

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