Terrific Twelve,

Well today was the end…. of my preliminary work. Thanks to this working I have manages to get some balls, Rolling I mean.

Today the ritual was the same but the energy was there. Like all these days were building that presence so to day I just barely reached and I felt them. Not as clear as I would like the sense of them to be but so vibrant. I wonder if the fog was mo0re protection in case it overwhelmed me. my mind is hyper protective of itself. once all was summoned I dedicated and lit a candle to each entity. There was something entrancing about the way that look I felt happy, joy.I congratulated them on all of us making it this far.

Oh during the pentacles I wanted to do the 8 pointed star (what would you call that?), but the entities told me to stick  with what I know for this ritual. I say this because as I stared at the sigils I thought offering them to the candles would be a great idea… Yeah No, it snuffed out all my candles then I added booze and relit them and it went out. The entities told me to send them home and rescue the sigils them burn them in a shell like I do.

I was worried I had done something wrong. Satan actually stopped and looked at me and said “We should of just of taken your soul from the get go.” Sighing leviathan comes up behind me “Do you think you did anything wrong?” “No but I don’t like the way it happened.” They nodded. “Sorry” “Don’t say your sorry it is your will It is your decision to make on how any of this should be done.” With that I stood a lil taller and released me in a speeding flourish that amazed them. I told them that they had said I should go quickly but I needed to close everything down.

once done I carted everything I needed outside. Now for some tips and things not to do

DO keep your fire in a hurricane candle holder or at least a candle holder with high walls to stop the wind from blowing it out.

DON’T waste time with a regular bic lighter the wind blows it out and you can get things to light in any wind.

DON’T add Alcohol to wax any water in there will make it pop and sputter.

DO listen to your trusted entities.

I was able to pull out the sigils. and started them burning. I was also able to relight the candles. I offered some flowers to it. while the sigils burned. while it burned the entities told me if I had burned the sigils into the wax that would of bound them to that wax. I would have to keep that on me to get the full effect of their blessings. but since the sigils were my sigils for them they preferred them to be spread on the winds and offered to them like sacrificing a piece of art to the deity that you made it for. after they all burned the candles went out and the entities said we are done. I tried to relight the candle to let a wick burn some more and the wind came up to start taking the glowing embers and blew out the fire candle and the ones i had just lit. so I doused the ashes and poured them out. then I cleaned up the mess and thanked them for their help.

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