Terrific Twelve,

Today was the same ritual as before. Once all were summoned and offerings given I sacrificed more candles to them. Then we chatted about what to do with them after the official 30 days ends. I will keep you all abreast of my life as it pertains to the work with them. (A lot of it seems to be tied up in this “revolutionary idea” of doing the work. just remembering to try and make a effort to use the skills you want to have is a big part of it  :P)

They seem to be content with being a part of the meal dedication. Though they are thinking I need something else because I need to get in the right mind set upon doing this. they say no more offerings are needed after this, for these projects. new work or more direct aid may need more. Interesting thing was they told me when I try to access the powers/abilities/skills that I shouldn’t call upon them just know they will be there to help but the power will be my own. Just the way I wanted. Also common courtesy is welcomed say thank you and that type stuff.

After that I dismissed them and we headed out to lunch.

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