Terrific Twelve,

Today I was back home and I Did my summoning as per usual. Today’s coffee was cinnamon and salt in the grounds I added honey and milk afterward. still feeling a definite improvement noticing little things like my arm vibrating whenever I call entities or draw the pentagrams. sadly right now time seems to be the enemy. I have taken to talking to all the entities at once as we discuss through the work I need. sadly that time was unavailable today during circle so I’m going to do it after the ritual and after I finish this post.

I tried to give them some more candles. But the wax was too hot to hold them up and between my agitation with the candles and they were agitated at me because instead of just talking to them I was futzing with some candles. they explained later that Time is an offering and just like the others If I don’t have the time to give then tell them so, but don’t just ignore us to play with candles after they didn’t work you should of taken that as a sign we didn’t care about the candles we just want you to talk to us.

So after that I worked out the above plan. I dismissed them

They were wanting me to share the chat I had with them but that will take too long to type out here and I don’t see much reason to do it.

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