Terrific Twelve,

First off holding an entity in your head is a lot different feeling them when all of them are hanging around after ritual. Usually it feels like I have an IM window open with all the enities chatting there. where as when it is just one it feels somewhere between a skype call and having someone physically there.

also some info on/from Belial’s stay

I noticed/ paid more attention to bugs especially beetles.

He seems to like fresh fruit especially watermelon, though he commented he will eat anything the veggies and fruit appeal to him more because they are so rare for him. He mostly eats/ is fed mushrooms, beef, potatoes. think dark dense in the ground/ earthy flavors very umami. so the watermelon was a pleasant change.

we also discussed the gifts so we had a better grasp what was being asked for.

played a game and he beat me both times. Argh, I say he cheated 😛

and when I went to bed he seemed surprised that I would say good night or show him the same attention I do other people in my nightly rituals. I love surprising entities ^.^

ok so today same ritual for the most part. the changes were as follows;

when parting the veil/opening the gate I took a moment and closed it back after I crossed it.

Two cookies for the rest of these since I had extra cookies.

Coffee was same as yesterday but with milk and sugar, too much milk and salt but still pleasant tasting.

hammering still on the surround chant for calling start with the softer bit first (those that wish me well) then end with the stronger bit (The archangels) then reverse that for the dismisal. still working on when to do that. oh and change it to I WAS…

my Entity candles had leaned together and so they lit as one. which caused an interesting effect all the Entities told me to place my hands over the giant flame that was created. They said something like “they were like the candles and I am the flame they will nourish me. I got the sense this was their way of proving I could trust them as belial led the idea and took credit afterward.

after that I offered them another round of candles in the same formation this time.  2014-04-25 13.23.26

I decided not to take on anyone else today since I have class tomorrow.

we chatted a bit more over a few things

then threw my incense ashes in with the wax to help it smell better.

Then dismissed and banished.

PS I will be printing and burning my sigils on the final day. It seems the entities liked that idea. I so often think sigil=talisman that i forget they are meant to be burned and as such disposable and editable. if the entity doesn’t like that one try another right?

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