Terrific Twelve,

Quick note on the surrounded chant that is only three times. I have gone ahead and edited the previous post

They hadn’t yet came back

Has anyone who does a lot of spirit work noticed how quiet the world seems once the spirits are banished?

Also here is an idea do a sheldon style summoning: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f85ViOmwbI0 *Knock* *Knock* *Knock* Satan ^.^

Today Same base though I forgot my flowers and water. thankfully I had some water  on my desk. Today when I did the summoning nothing happened at first. It was like they were holding their breathe to try and hide and see what I’d do. I continued into my working inspite of the worry. and as I started my second run at my surrounding Chant I felt them step for behind a barrier and they were there surrounding me. ^.^

We talked about the omens and basically I need to spend time with each to see what it will become. the annoying part is having to relax and just be there with them and let it come like Raphael’s did.

Then we talked about the disappearance and that was kind of, part test to see if I would call them back and how I would do without them. part proof of my improved power being able to send them away in the first place.

Apparently the wax leavings of my candle offerings are going to become a talisman and anchor for the working.

Also I showed them the sigils I created using a new to me method.

I turn their name into numbers

then draw a circle separated into 9 equal sections

then draw lines connecting each section in the order of the letters in the name.

They liked them but the sigils felt incomplete like I was missing something. the same feeling I got with the tarot cards it is like the medium is creating a disconnect. ARGH

After that I banished everybody and went about my day

oh I am thinking of adding more to opening the gateway Like closing it behind me. hmmm toying with that for the next few days.  a dash of cinnamon and salt really made a pleasant cup.

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