Terrific Twelve,


Giggles It worked ^.^

Well today same as before with great minor changes. First added a pinch of salt to my Coffee, it tasted so much better. Not sweet of course but the bitter was smoother and more tolerable more of a back note. Second I used the energy/ mind set of surprise it worked. I stood repeating that to myself for a bit and it seems to of made the energies even more palpable. Third I reversed my  surrounding … Chant?

I am surrounded. x3

I am surrounded by the Archangels.

I am surrounded by the Infernal Lords.

I am surrounded by the Rulers of the Elements.

I am surrounded by Demons.

I am surrounded by Angels.

I am surrounded by Elementals.

I am surrounded by Entities.

I am surrounded by Friends.

I am surrounded by Family.

I am surrounded by Those that want to help me.

I am surrounded by Those who desire to aid me.

I am surrounded by Those that wish me well.

I am surrounded. x3

and I have never felt safer.

During the three times especially I let the energy of, I Can’t believe it they are here, fill me, that joy that excitement I think really improved the connection.

Once all the offerings were made, we started rehashing the Omen Concept. It is funny the Entites seemed to know what I wanted before I did. They said “The omen is the power. The omen is the quality/ ability made manifest. It is the opening of the door to the place I want to go. I still must walk it but now you know it is there and will be helped.” It is like I don’t have to reinvent the wheel but I have to explore what all I can make the wheel do/become.

Then we discussed the nature of the omens. they (Gabriel) said they are gifts which means no strings attached. He then chided me… well all mortals on that understanding a gift is meant to be just that a gift NO STRINGS ATTACHED (sounds familiar to another entity I worked with). He said that strings are in things like contracts. Also the Omens can’t be taken back once given and then I am not beholden to them. He said “After we give you all the omens you can cut ties and break the contracts. the omens are still yours to keep.”  Also the omens won’t taint my magic. If someone that knows them were to see me use the omen/ a technique they teach then they will know that I’ve worked with that entity but most won’t know what to look for and the more i develop it the more it becomes my own.

Also we got on the topic of validation and divititory  checking. I came to the realization that I don’t like it. Just follow for a second (especially from a spirit model) if I am using the cards (Tarot) First I have to of built a good enough relationship with the cards that I know that they won’t lie to me, or be influenced by the spirits I am working with, or that I won’t screw up in revealing the cards. Then I have to be practiced enough that I am confident in my ability to read the cards. Also I have to assume that the spirit is lying or could/would do such. Then what if know that I think it is lying it tells the truth to throw me off or all the other twists. it just gets ridiculous to me.

I would rather have the proof come in the pudding I want to see it to feel it to Gknow it is the spirit/ or my working/ or whatever that has caused X. I guess that is why I seem to have Claircognizance/clairsentience. also that is why (I figured out later) the entities omens are what they are. so I can have the proof I want.

After that the Entities encouraged me to send them home and so I did. oddest thing though afterwards my mind feels silent. the banishing must of been real strong today. because I can tell the connection is there but inactive like they all left. it is an odd feeling after so long.

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