Nah just kidding ya’ll today was Sedate It felt so good to be back in the working. Did the same working as usual.

(oh FYI yesterdays coffee was 3 Tbs coffee, 1 Tbs Cinnamon, 1 Tbs Sugar {in with the grounds}, 1Tbs Vanilla Extract. today= 3 Tbs Coffee then just a dash of each of the above and some milk. much better to me the Entities I think prefer black. Tomorrow I think I will try a dash of salt and keep the coffee plain.)

Once everyone was summoned I used my affirmations to attempt to incite hysteria then slide that into gnosis. I think my lack of fear when dealing with these entities makes that tricky. Next time I’ll try focusing on a more amazed, “Oh My God it actually worked they are really here” kinda vibe. though the light hysterics did help with building contrast this the moment of calm that  being fully in the working.

We chatted about this and that, {

oh Satan wanted me to include that last night I picked up a knife to help hack up the victims. I pointed it at him then reversed the grip on the blade. we both noticed no change in my energy. He thinks that means I don’t need any tools. It was an odd thing for him to note because I don’t use ritual tools. My cup is only on my altar to hold water, and while I have a few on my altar I never used them with them or in general.}

Anyways we discussed the omens. I didn’t want to tell them just to go get me a sign they know what I like. That seemed rude and difficult. I was hating the way I was seeming to ask for tribute from them, because I don’t like it when entities demand that of me. As We talked, I can’t remember how it came up but, I suddenly said something like ” The omens are suppose to be the key to the training”. What ever I said then rung with the sound of truth. I looked at Michael and he said “Those and the Sigils will help your focus so we can get started training you better.

I was worryied how that would effect Raphael’s  physical work so I talked to Raphael and he explained that his physical was to help heal my body but the omen was to give me a boost to get the ball rolling on all fronts. Then I checked with each of them and they were fine with it and said they would go with that.

Tood soon though it was time to rap it up and I got that feeling they were good with that. We should have the details ironed out by thursday they told me. next I dismissed every one and closed up.

Oh for some reason the word Gung Ho keeps coming up.

and I find smiling helps the energy flow right too.

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