interesting concept Lucifer is a psychologist.

Also I get moments where they suggest things in odd ways. Like if they thought it would do me any good they’d make it a geas for me to do X. nothing bad just upkeep stuff like…

one such suggestion was to dedicate every meal to, well everyone, and then eat. odd though instead of giving thanks for food i’d be gifting the the food to everyone including myself.

Also another one Lucifer came up with was for me to stop using the phrase “I have no choice” the only contention here is I find that phrase holds a lot of power.

Tonight is gonna be a real quick… ok interesting Idea I’m gonna finish this in the morning I will do my ritual and stay there when I go to sleep. Wish me luck 😉

btw no music or chords tonight or elemental pents I don’t like the idea of leaving those open when i’m asleep. feel like leaving a candle burning while I’m out of the room. sure it maybe safe but you still worry.
Also being at an other’s house makes it so hard to find time to work.


Well I did the elemental pents anyways. Also there is a big unforeseen problem with having a full circle cast around you while you sleep. When nature calls… you either have to leave your astral temple and then cut your circle. Or because I forgot about that I had to undo and dismiss everything first through sleepyness. Apart from that I actually had an uneventful night. my dreams were not there. Which is odd as this week the dreams have been vivid if nonsensical I should of probably wrote them down but none felt important just more lively. Last night it was odd it was like the recorder was on but nothing came through. I mean this is one of the few times I felt the hours passing yet nothing happened that I can recall. sorry there is nothing better to report.

lets see what happens tonight with a sacrifice >:)

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