Doing good but but habits are being difficult to form right now.

some notes from today: ((Btw does anyone elses spirits hangout with them through the day? nothing heavy like they are forcing themselves into my mind just lil thoughts pop up from them. reminds me of having IM chat windows open they ain’t there but they are communicating with me.

It isn’t the thing it is the meaning/reason behind it.

is Luck just a desire to never make a wrong choice and there by never deal with consequences? is that bad?

Fear of testing my spirits; what if they don’t pass my test? was I just talking to myself the whole time? would that be such a bad thing?

ARGH SO Sleepy but I did it.

Tonight same as before with the small change usually I summon entity of element (Uriel of Earth) this time I just used the Entity’s name.

I have no idea what happened to tonight but I was suddenly exhausted. It was like some one kept flicking the channels in my head. the spirits wanted me to give up but I refused I was gonna at least take the time to correct and try to hold on to them. I tried Satan and Leviathan for help. but I need more work I couldn’t lock down what was going on. I could barely hold it together to take up everything.

at least we chatted during the day about deeper things.

try sleepytime magic oh almost forgot from now on I will be attempting magic as I sleep even past the challenge I want that power Back.


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