I forgot to mention that the sheets of paper where hopefully soon the sigils will be, are under my honey jar. I did this so the energy of the sigil would rise into the life which is the honey and I was hoping that by putting them under my honey jar it will put them under the influence of it helping to sweeten the relationship between all of us. also atop my honey jar is the chaos star or flower from earlier workings and I’ll let you just think about what that does to my fun lil universe.

Now on with today show. Today I did the same as always do except I pulled them into this world since this is my last chance I have before Easter to do that. I offered them three cookies today to start on the extras they will be getting because of the time out-of-town. also today was coffee with a tablespoon of cinnamon in the grounds smells wonderful.  Today I called the elemental pentacles  before I did the summoning.  then holding the paper that the sigils will be on in my left hand I did my summonings as usual.  The power has definitely increased summoning them into this world.

once the usual upkeep was out-of-the-way. I got the contracts for Belial, Sister Earth and Uriel for their works magically, physically, and internally.  The only change from yesterday is I’ve actually teamed up a Belial and Uriel to both help me with time and money since they are  two sides of the same coin for them they can both help me together.

then I started discussions with Satan, brother fire, Michael about their workings and I got the internal part of their system figured out.  Fire will increase my power, Michael with focus it, while Satan will help me with getting that focus to do more. I’m still ironing out some the finer points. during this discussion also managed to hammer out the ideas of Lucifer and Gabriel. Lucifer will be helping me with improvements magically and Gabriel will be helping me get in touch with those who can do what I can’t.

We chatted about concepts like true name magic,  but that is so tricky and full of rules that we all kind of agreed it isn’t right step for me. We chatted about potions and I remembered I have to burn a candle for Hermes tonight. I think I’ll give him my first attempt at the coffee candle. I kept everybody here too long. I got a feeling I should let them go earlier and then a few minutes later the phone rang. after the phone call I dismissed everybody and we wrapped it up.

Addendum: did the offering of a coffee candle To Hermes I think he liked it.
I need an alternative to candles for these hot summer months.

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