First, let me say thank you to all of you for your support. Watching the posts on the Magical30 has been awesome and inspiring.


The Magical 30 Challenge has made a huge impact on the general occulture.  I see more and more occult experts “showing their work” and running contests that look quite similar to the Magical30. More importantly, I see people talking about their actual work.  Our challenges have started to chip away at the façade of “unearned” elitism and it has made a big difference. In that, the experiment has been a stunning success.


With attention and changing perceptions comes a tremendous amount of resistance.  The last 2 challenges in particular, I have felt like people have really upped their game.  In private conversations, I hear that people are doing unbelievably powerful work and advanced magicians are pulling out all the stops.  In fact, at least 3 book ideas have now come out of the interactions of more experienced magicians related to these Challenges. The interactions, however, are happening in private.  Because of the increased attention and resistance, people are posting less, leaving more unsaid, and having those conversations in private to avoid the negative eyes of the public.


I do not want the Magical30 idea to go away.  It has changed so many lives that it should and must continue, but I also know that if people do not feel comfortable posting openly, we have to change it.


I will be starting an MBA program soon, so I know my time to do the marketing for the Magical30 Challenges will become more limited.  As many people know, I was paying for the prizes and the shipping costs out of pocket which is why I sometimes ask for donations.


With that, I have several questions for everyone and I hope that you will take the time to answer them with the assumption that I WANT to keep it going.


1). Would you be interested in a private secured site to post actual works in detail?  Perhaps this system could work like live-journal where you could selectively give access to your blogs.  Is this something you would be willing to invest in for $15 or $20 a month?

2) If you have won a 30 day challenge, would you be interested in joining a team of bloggers that would focus on praxis and what happens when you actually DO the work?  Talking about the work you have done in general and how it changed you?


3) Would you be interested in an actual in-person conference based completely around the notion of joining people who are actually doing the work?  Would you be willing to invest in such an idea?

4) Would you be willing to join a street team of people that would have pre-made marketing materials and guidelines, and run the challenge possibly in the secured site, with in-person meet ups?  Is this something that, if you had logistical assistance, would interest you?

5) Would you be willing to commit to online marketing for the site and the idea?

6) Would you be willing to commit to online administration (comment moderation, supportive replies to postings, etc.)

7)  Are you familiar with magical orders such as the Autonoma, Z Cluster and KIA? What did you think of them?  All of them were heavily decentralized, individualy based, loose confederations of people.  What do you think about a group of people that would do magical peer-review of each other’s work?

8)  What would you do to facilitate authenticity and openness, but yet still increase the penetration of the magical30 in the general occult sphere?

9)  Other ideas that deal with this concept that you would like to mention or talk to Andrieh about? (Please include comments)

Trust me, the Magical30 is not going away. I am looking forward to using this time to brainstorm together- Be the Magic!