Last night was day 29. Like the previous two nights, I simply tended the Flame and thought upon the nature of this challenge.

There was a calm over me as I watched the candle flame, and the sense that I’ve really just begun some aspects of this work. There is a lot left to discover in this relationship with the Faery Woman, and I know not to rush it. There will be paths and branches to explore and learn from, possibly for a lifetime and beyond.

Tonight was day thirty. I opened with the Geneology of Bride as usual. Then I lit a black votive candle as I opened the work with the Tending prayer. I recited the healing verse changing it so that it scanned: “Lady of the Healing Hands, I have drunk of the waters of your Holy Well, and I have called upon the strength of Earth, the brightness of Sun, and the living Fire within me!” I continued through the rest of the healing verse, meditated, and then moved to the next candle.

As I lit the white votive, I opened with the Tending prayer and moved into the peace prayer. Again, I changed it so that it scanned: “Brigid, You are a woman of peace. You have taught me to bring harmony where there is conflict. You have taught me to bring light to the darkness. You taught me to bring hope to the downcast.” The rest I continued through as is, meditated a bit, and moved to the red votive.

Again, I lit the votive as I recited the Tending prayer. I changed ‘us’ to ‘me’ and ‘our’ to ‘my’. I did mediate and move on to the white pillar candle.

When I lit it, I started with the Tender’s prayer. I did not change the Sovereignty verse, but recited it as is. I meditated on all four flames and how to keep them burning daily and strongly within me.

There was, once more, the feeling that this is a start to more work, and that it is time to start researching and moving. I am going to let this sit in my head for a few days, and then post a final ‘what I’ve learned and where I’m going’ post here and my blog.

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