Glad to be back in front of my altar and do a proper ritual. However had another night of interesting revelations. I had another night of insightful dreams dreaming about conflicts and confrontation. At a young age, I always sought to avoid conflicts and take the “high road”. But in the dream, it gave me the perspective of someone who pushed backed when confronted, I soon realized, its much more effective to do so and stop any future confrontations by showing other people that it’s troublesome to fight with you.

I’ve usually taken the view of avoiding conflicts because I felt that resolving to a response is an acknowledgement of their actions and puts you in the same level as the other people who are causing the confrontation. This is a very interesting realization for me especially at this time. It enables me to do so much more and take on a more leader role in other people’s eyes and empowers my position. It’s given me quite a bit to meditate on.


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