Tonight I evoked Bune with the triangle, pic of me with money drawing powder on top, magnet atop that, topped by Bune’s seal, iron filings, then the offering candle to him. Once again, I had a candle at each point of the triangle anointed with money drawing oil, and had money drawing incense burning.

I chanted his Enn 108 times. This time my husband played Wardruna in the next room for me on his computer. It really added to the atmosphere. I like the Nordic sounding music for trance work. After I requested what I wanted of Bune, I meditated staring at the lit candles for awhile. Then I gazed into the dresser mirror. I have used a normal mirror in the past to gaze into in lieu of a black mirror. I watched my face fade in and out, then begin morphing. One of the things it morphed into looked griffin-like. Then it looked like a long shadow swooping up from each shoulder. It may have been the 2 other heads of Bune.

Earlier today, on my FB, someone posted a course as to how to remove your blocks. I had immediately wondered if this wasn’t the work of Bune, since I am asking for wealth, but I know I have blocks in that area. I watched the videos that were free, which were mainly to get you hooked so you’ll pay the $995.00 for the course. I don’t have a grand laying around to just spend willy-nilly, but there was another free video by this woman on Youtube that actually had an exercise on it. I followed along, but
it was a little fast paced for me, so I will be re-doing it from memory, and do it at my own pace. I think there is something to it. She has also written a book, which by chance our local Barnes and Noble just happened to have a copy of. It is supposed to have the techniques to get rid of the blocks.

Needless to say, I will be reading it. I do think that Bune may be helping me pave the way to get the money that I would like to have.