Last night, it was a new moon, so I did a Hekate rite to petition her for changes I want to make in my life. This was indicated by both work with Belphegor and also personal work I’ve done with Hekate and also signs I’ve had come up lately.

I had gotten advice by Hellfurian Liontari, who is a Hellenismos practitioner here in Chicago (also a hounsi of Mambo T Chita Tann in Vodou). I set up an altar with a glass of wine, a glass of milk, an egg, and some honey.

I used both a ritual that I had gotten from Jason Miller as well as a prayer card from Hellfurian. I had planned to do all this outside, but it was raining last night, so I set up the altar inside. I lit the candles and did the prayers and chanted quite a few malas of a mantra to Hekate. I felt the energy shift and could feel her presence.

One thing Hellfurian had told me is that you can write your petitions on dried bay leaves and then burn them. I read each petition to Hekate before chanting the mantra. I put each leaf in a small cauldron. I also had some Hekate cologne that Hellfurian had created. The rain had let up a little bit, so I decided to burn the leaves outside so it they would go to the heavens.

I had a bit of a mishap with the cologne and ended up setting my fingers on fire, but I was able to put out the fire before burning myself. It wasn’t very easy to get the fire going with the rain, but I eventually did get a good fire going with the leaves and cologne, and they burned pretty well.

I concluded the ritual by thanking Hekate and gathered the offerings for disposal.

Today was a day from hell. Super busy at work combined with very bad management decisions. Not only that, but today really showed me that there are quite a few people in my life that I need to reduce my contact with. I went to an event held by a couple I know over the weekend, and I posted a compliment on Facebook. The husband proceeded to take my compliment and criticize it … apparently, I didn’t stroke their egos enough. Then I also made a post on Facebook which received a comment from another person (someone I know in real life) who likes to occasionally make insulting comments.

Time to get the crappy people and situations out of my life.