Back on the horse again last night. Before I did any evocation last night, I did a pendulum session where I asked whether I should keep working with Belphegor and got a yes, so I’m continuing. Did all the usual steps: cleanse with blue solar water and IAO banishing, bring forth Padmasambhava with the Seven Line Prayer and mantra, then recite the enn for Belphegor while staring at the sigil. Belphegor seemed to come forward in feminine form. I offered the rum.

I’ve begun to see the wisdom of why people doing evocation have a scrying person, because I find that after doing these sessions, it’s almost like waking up from a dream, and I start to forget some of the details.

Using the pendulum, I asked her whether the side business I’m doing actually is going to bring in decent money (I’ve been having doubts lately), and I got a yes. I also asked whether the person I’m working with is going to be of help, and she said yes. I also asked about another business that the guy I’m working with is involved in that I could be involved with also if I wanted to be, and I got a hazy answer with that … the answer seemed to be, just stay with this with him for now.

I also asked about another potential business with another guy I know through Facebook, and I got a no. Interesting how I keep getting a no on this one, both through divination, through regular pendulum sessions, and through Belphegor, because it’s one those where the business and the guy seem solid, so it will be interesting to watch.

I asked whether I should plan on staying in Chicago through the summer, and I got a yes. This was my feeling as well. Summer is the one time it’s good to be in Chicago, and there are a lot of things going on.

Sam Block had done a geomancy reading for me late last year when he had a special running where he said I should definitely get out of the suburb where I’m living, so I asked Belphegor whether I should start looking for a place in Chicago. The mental impression I got was wait until the money comes in, don’t rush.

Without going into detail, there is a family issue with an individual that has been weighing me down in some respects for the past several years. I asked Belphegor whether any positive solution would be forthcoming, and I got a yes.

I asked whether I should be petitioning a particular deity for help with these matters, and I got a yes. (Materials on order for a new moon working this month).

I also asked whether some people I know here in Chicago who offer some inexpensive spellwork services would be of help if I use those services, and I got a yes (although I got the feeling that I may not need this much if I do the deity petitioning).

I asked whether overall, wealth and wealth opportunities are going to start coming my way soon, and I got a yes.

It was getting late, so I thanked Belphegor and dismissed her. I did the Seven Line Prayer and mantra, dedicated the merit, did an IAO banishing, and sprayed blue solar water. I burned the sigil with the rum outside.

The theme overall has been one of trusting the process and be open to receiving for things to show up. Also watching for clues as to what actions to take. The patience part is difficult for me, because I tend to want everything yesterday.