I did a pendulum session last night to gauge where things were at. I asked whether the Hekate rite was successful, and I got a yes (didn’t really need the pendulum for this, I clearly felt her energy).

I asked whether it was ok with Hekate for me to continue working with Belphegor (I wanted to ask this based on some weird stuff that occurred one night), and I got a yes.

I asked whether it was ok for me just to do an offering to the sigil of rum and red palm oil while singing the enn and then burning it, and I got a yes.

I think this is going to be the format, at least until I see a pressing need to ask Belphegor something. But I think the message has been to not make this a head game and ask so many questions. Just keep doing the offerings to keep Belphegor happy, and he/she will keep working for me.

So, that’s exactly what I did. I drew the Belphegor sigil on parchment and took it with my cauldron outside along with rum and red palm oil. I did the Padmasambhava mantra a few times. Then I started singing the enn of Belphegor while staring at the sigil. I could feel the energy build. What was interesting is that while I was doing this, even though it was after midnight, a bird started doing it’s “caw caw” routine not far from where I was. I never hear birds that time of night. I rubbed the red palm oil on the sigil and poured some of the rum on it as well and told Belphegor that I was giving him an offering. I then put the parchment in the cauldron and lit it on fire (which took multiple attempts because of the red palm oil and rum … might need to find something else to help it burn better).

I then did an IAO banishing.

It’s interesting, I noticed that the energy in the room where I do the magical work was a lot lighter since I did the Hekate rite. I think I like doing the Belphegor work outside.