I decided to do a pendulum session tonight before attempting to summon Belphegor. I should say that I use a technique I learned from Dr. Hew Len. I do some cleaning techniques first.

Should I do a summoning of Belphegor tonight? Didn’t really get an answer.

Will I be successful if I try to summon Belphegor tonight? No.

Is Belphegor angry with me? No.

Is Belphegor still working behind the scenes for me to bring me wealth? Yes.

Should I be working through <a program I bought awhile back that has to do with manifestation>? Yes.

Should I be applying to conventional job ads I see? No. (I’ve been getting crap responses to my resume posted on Careerbuilder).

Should I contact Mr. X about his business? Yes.

Guess I’ll check again tomorrow night, but I guess Belphegor is playing secret agent right now.