Well, this was interesting.

Tonight I picked up some red palm oil. So I drew out the sigil using the oil instead of marker on the parchment. I thought this would be a great night.

I did the usual banishings and called upon Padmasambhava. I started chanting the enn while staring at the sigil. I felt somewhat of a movement of energy. After chanting about 20 times, I asked the pendulum whether Belphegor was present, and I got a “no.”

I asked whether I should continue trying to summon Belphegor, and I got a “no.” Interesting ….

I then asked whether I should quit summoning Belphegor entirely, and I got a “no.”

I asked whether Belphegor was doing work behind the scenes for me to build wealth, and I got a “yes.”

Well, ok … I’m not entirely convinced by this answer. Today I learned my car needs a brake job which is going to cost more than I’d like, so if wealth is going to come, it had better come pretty quickly!

I asked whether I should still burn the sigil with the rum, and I was told that I should. I did the usual banishings and burned the sigil and rum outside. I had to light the fire several times, although the last time I did so, the fire burned quite well and consumed the paper and the rum.

I’m going to be asking tomorrow night whether I should even attempt to do a summoning before going to the trouble of doing so.

I have a feeling that everything may have been switched over to Hekate, and I should really be working with her from now on, but we’ll have to see. I’m giving all this a rest for tonight.

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