Woke up yesterday and knew it was going to rain later because my head was already pounding. Ended up with a migraine all day. To top it off, later in the evening, a friend of mine called and told me his longstanding health problem is turning out to be more serious than he originally thought. Major bummer day.

Despite my best efforts (which were limited because of time), I was unable to find any red palm oil yesterday.

I did the usual evocation of Belphegor, but I ended up chanting the enn about 20 or 30 times. What’s interesting is that as my chanting went on, I began to feel an angry energy more and more until I was practically growling the enn in a rage. I asked the pendulum whether Belphegor was present, and it said yes. I offered the rum right away.

This was definitely a masculine energy last night. I asked Belphegor whether posting my resume on Careerbuilder was just to convince me that it was worthless, and I got a no.

I tried to ask some other questions about finances, and I pretty much got the silent treatment. No pendulum movement. I finally got the impression about the Hekate working on Monday night and asked whether I should just wait and do the petitions to Hekate on Monday night, and I got a yes.

I closed out the ritual, did a banishing, and burned the sigil with the rum. Nothing burned all that well because it was raining outside.