Yesterday was the high point of the grand cross astrologically, and I found it to be a rather intense day. There was a lot of stuff pushing my buttons yesterday, and I was very tempted to summon a demon at work yesterday and just watch the fun. The whole reason I joined the new department last year was to escape one of the mindless tasks (which amounts to being like a telemarketer) that I did in the other department. Without going into boring details, they’ve had us doing those duties in our new department, and we had to do three fucking rounds of it yesterday. By the end of the day, I was ready to kill. I went to college for this?

On a different note, I’ve seen black dogs twice over the past couple of days, once while on a walk Sunday, and one in a car right next to me last night. Black dogs are sacred to Hekate, and I’m doing petitions to her on the new moon on Monday, so this is a good sign.

I uploaded my resume to Careerbuilder last night. Not really expecting a whole lot, but it’s one other avenue.

Last night’s session was weird. I decided to play Vidna Obmana music during the operation as Andrieh does. I did all the other usual stuff, did the banishings, the Padmasambhava work, etc. One interesting twist was that my light body work seems to be paying off because while I was chanting the enn for Belphegor, my body and the room seemed to be glowing a golden light. Well, maybe it’s paying off too well, because when I asked the pendulum whether Belphegor was present, I got a “no.” This was the first time I had not been able to summon Belphegor right away. I was puzzled by this and was wondering whether I should just scrap the whole operation. The pendulum was acting weird as well. I asked whether I should continue, and I finally got a “yes.”

I continued chanting the enn and focusing on the sigil. I finally felt the energy shift, and I asked whether Belphegor was present, and I got a yes. I thanked Belphegor for coming and offered the rum.

I got a rather androgynous feeling last night, neither male nor female from the entity. I asked whether there was a reason for not coming right away, and I didn’t get much of an answer. I asked whether he/she would like an offering besides rum, and I got a no.

Based on Andrieh’s last experience, I asked whether there is a demon of poverty keeping me from wealth. It took awhile for an answer to come. Energetically, I got the sense that the entity was searching through quite a few areas, and then finally I got a no. I think for me, it has to do with programming more than anything else.

I asked whether picking up Gary Clyman’s ChiKung practice again would be a good idea, and I got a yes.

I asked whether the answer I got the night before about buying the two healing audios would be a good idea, and I got a yes on that (I wanted a confirmation).

I asked about taking a particular financial action, and I got a no on that. In looking at it, it kind of comes from a lack mentality.

One idea I had last night: I know Louis Martinie uses red palm oil as a substitute for blood. I asked Belphegor whether he would like an offering of that, and I got a yes. I had tried to obtain some last night at my local store that has a lot of ethnic food, but they didn’t have any, so I’m going to have to search for some.

I decided not to pursue anything further. I thanked Belphegor for the continued support towards wealth and said goodbye. After verifying that he/she was gone, I did the Padmasambhava work, did a banishing, and then burned the sigil with the rum outside.

This was one of the more bizarre nights … might have to switch things up a bit.