I did a lot of banishing work last night. Sprayed a lot of areas (including my bedroom) with blue solar water. I also tapped into the energy of the early morning dream and confronted the dark entity and issued a command to banish it. I did the light body meditation last night also, which wasn’t very strong. I did not feel like it was a good idea to summon Belphegor last night while I was in this overly tired state with this other entity that had attacked.

I had a dream last night about kirtan, especially Krishna Das and Dave Stringer. This is one of my favorite activities and these are two of my favorite kirtan musicians (and I knew Dave before he became a big deal). I think I was being told that I need to do this more, because it shifts me into a more positive vibe.

I think I had some information delivered during the night.

What I realized this morning is that Belphegor is a demon of sloth, and the lesson to be learned is how to get more with less work. Or at least smarter work. One of my Facebook friends wrote a book called Slacker Manifesting, and that’s kind of along the same lines. Set things up so the wealth comes to you rather than having to always work so hard to get it. One of things my parents instilled from me at an early age was that you have to work hard to get ahead, “money doesn’t grow on trees,” etc. But when I honestly look at where that got them, it’s not where I want to be.

In my current job, I’ve gotten good performance reviews since the beginning, got an award last quarter, got recognition from a team lead recently, and where has it gotten me? Nowhere financially … company has had raises frozen for the last two years. So I’ve been working hard to make someone else happy. Shareholders, specifically. Fuck that.

So it’s time to work less hard for other people, and to work smarter for myself.

I did a light body meditation this morning. I felt way better when I woke up this morning and the meditation was strong.