Belphegore on FIREThis was probably the most fucked up Belphegore working I have had.

The kind of ritual that would give Mr. Colwell as a paranormal researcher a woody.

BY FAR f@#@d up and we End where we Start….

So the Ritual was pretty simple.  I laid out the bloodied stones, Chicken head and painted Chicken feet.  I set out my brass demon burning bowl, and bloodied the seal.

I used Hand Sanitizer to Make a slow burning flame.  This usually works fine.

Did a Chakra clearing and centering.

Background music:  Spotify, My vidnaObmana Playlist

Started singing the Enn for Belphegore while staring at the Seal






Calm vibe sets in.

And the fire wont fucking light.   So I stay calm.

I mix in more accelerants while continuing to sing.  Still wont fucking light.  I have my skyr Zac check whats going on.  Everything is good cards say…   nope.

Continue to sing.   Fast rig up while singing, a lamp out of the accelerants… Mind you, once you start a working, I always try to finish it.

Still Belphegore is present and communicating and calm.

Then,  I am about ready to burn the seal, since I had gotten a low level flame going to honor and connect, and all shit broke loose.

Physical steps in the Vodou temple, crashing sounds and scratching which is next to but not part of where I was doing this work… This is a heavily fortified temple.  Something fucking broke in… and it was B to E to A to T … and ass.  Its not clear what happened, but it was clear what happened next.  The Lwa got PISSED and went to town, particuarly the Ghede.   Then I was told to burn the seal.

The minute I put the blood seal in, all hell broke loose even more.  The burning dish ( remember they were not lighting), damn near exploded with the most violent fire I have seen from Belphegore.  I had Zac vitual Skry over skype…   holy shit that was a hot angry fucked up fire.  I mean DAMN.  S/He was pissed, and there was reasons for within the challenge that this occurred.  I will need to do a Day 31.  But it can wait till the weekend.  I must go and visit some larger things in the infernal realms to have a chat.

Best I could tell it was some sort of poverty spirit that decided to step to the plate, and Belphegore was like Fuck that shit, and burned the fuck out of it, it a pretty awesome display of just raw angry power.  Readings came back several times, no anger towards me, really more like love…… and all I will have to worry about is the problems that come from Wealth, and that it would come.

Keep in mind I am VERY good with fire magic so when shit like this happens….. I pay really fucking close attention.  Shit dont just walk into my temples, I am a fucking professional here.   I even did some readings today, just to make sure…

The Ghede said they took the shared after everything trashed it, and put it under the waters.  This was a fitting and dramatic close.  It makes me believe there will be a radical change soon ( especially with the physical manifestation).


So this 30 days revealed and changed alot of things.

  • Left Deeper Down the Rabbit hole
  • Going to have Zac Much more manage with me the magical30
  • ( still considering going Public dark)
  • Some things I cant talk about ( big boons), which will make sense as to why Deeper down didnt make sense


I didn’t like the 4 entity thing.  Too much to keep track of, I cant even tell for sure yet about the resutls, and don’t feel like I have that ULTRA Elite connection to get physical manifestation that like to get with an entity challenge.    I think the people who did the Duel opposing  dualities got ALOT more immediate effect.  I feel like I cast a larger Hypersigil, but really I cant see the results yet, but I have seen enough to suspect whats going to be coming.  Hypersigils are tough to predict, and somewhat tenuous.  Maybe I build  up enough of a wave to make it a sure thing.  Time will tell, and now my ability to build a foundation fast to maximize what will be coming … well thats what will be tested.

What I did get however with clarity:

  • Immediate Verified results with  Paimon 3 times, especially the 2 times Paimon was called for other people
  • An Unbelievably Challenging but ultimately truly intiatory experience with Sorath.  However, this ain’t needfully a nice and easy set of lessons from the Demon of solar destruction… There is alot to think about.  Everyone knows I like Ra, Ra just wouldn’t beat me with this… but I needed to get real cynical about the solar work too…. maybe real cynical about how all attention changes personality, and how destruction well is as valid as creation.
  • A few more aggressive magical techniques which I wont go into.
  • Some Real Boons from Belphegore, and working through that still.

Now you might ask what I am going to do now… I am going do TONS of GIGONG and start doing Vodou work ( mainly with Ogun), to boost up physical vitality… but I am taking a few days off.  There is much to think about.