So we are at Day 29.  This will be the last Paimon post..

This was a very easy going summoning of Paimon.  I didn’t have any more rubbing alchohol to make a flaming pit of dume.  Mostly my working with Paimon has been about dignity and honor within the Occult community that can lead to some sort of greater business and client work.  For the level of skill I have, generally, I do not quite fit into the cult of personality building that is the modern occult… and thats the truth of it.. Say what you like, the modern occult presence is mainly a builder of the cult of personality.  The information is already out there in some capacity without the cult of personality. In the convoluted power of google, there are no secrets.  AKA its somewhat of an illusion, so I asked Paimon for help on this point.  To be honest, after working with Paimon my impulse is to go the opposite way ( with draw not further engage).  I am as will be announced today, partially leaving Deeper Down the Rabbit Hole,  Zac Lui will more be taking over management of the magical 30 and even though I was enchanting for Diginty and honor… my impulse has been STRONGLY to cut and cull as many advertising components that directly do not relate to profitability or a direct personal goal.  I do not know if this is a good thing.. The idea behind the pull is, concentrate and protect a few profit driven things…. and in the social clusterfuck of today, there is less for people to actually socially attack you… Essentially, more focused… Go Figure.

We had a long conversation about influence, and physical steps ( like upping my NLP skills that I will be doing).  From when I should really see results hit, in a month and increase till 3 months from now.  He did talk about the cutting as needed steps, as they do not directly tie to my greater honor and dignity.   AKA they are not focused enough.  Sure they get name recognition out-there but its not directly tied to me or further goals.   With the MBA starting soon, I  may delusional about the way.. but the end product is the same.  That has to be the priority.