Ritual Outline

Today was a weird day. I wokeup “hitting the road running”, I just wanted to work out some Qigong lectures I’m working on. Researching..getting details done. Later, I watched some videos which related to the work Zazel encouraged me to look into. Yup..I got alot out of them- things clicked. As the day progressed..randomly there was alot of construction happening- meaning yup, drills..going into drywall etc. (kinda sucked). Thought I could ignore it..it lasted a long time, so I just got some earplugs to block out the sound. Thought I could wait it out before ritual work..well, it kept going. Eventually I said “screw it” and went into ritual while loud construction was happening. Odd thing was..it immediately died down once Zazel was noticeable in the space. When he was there fully..hardly anything till it stopped completely.

Agiel/Zazel: When calling down Agiel/Zazel today, I went into poetic gnosis praises. From there..I had a long discussion with Zazel. Now..Saturn has to do with limits, structure, boundaries, discipline etc. Theres a ritual Zazel was pushing that I couldn’t figure out..and he said meditate on it. Watching the videos I watched..and thinking, I told him my answer. He was giddy hearing the answer. From there, we continued and I went on a inspirational rant it seemed..and everything just spewed out in terms of Saturn and its applications. If he was giddy before..he happy as ever now. He confirmed everything I said to him was on the ball, and then elaborated on some things. He then said..meditate, more will come to me. In context to everything..these 2 pictures below summarize the work well.

images    images (1)

Agiel/Cassiel: Cassiel did some energetic changes to me..then took me on a inner journey- looking at myself. At that point, he was pointing out parts of me which need work..saying things like “this needs transformation, or this needs to be tossed/changed”. He stepped up, doing the work directly on me..Wasn’t painful compare to the psychic surgery times. We then talked about various things..him reinforcing the details/fundamentals and taking time to meditate to analyse oneself. From here, analyse what is working, what isn’t..what needs to be overturned completely. Ya, I know..simple stuff: basics..however it fits right into the Saturnal mindset.

Meditation: Not much to comment here, some energetic readjustments but it was mostly quiet.

So in tangent to everything written the rant begins..Zazel are very much about:  Do what you must. Keep working on the structures of your life. Once the structures are built..its only choices from there. Now, that said Cassiel is more..you better know why your doing what your doing. What are the motivations, or the hidden agendas. Whats happening internally and externally. Both in different ways cover breaking the structures which limit you, renovate them: Are you a magician or a sheeple? Discipline yourself (in an almost Spartan 300 way).

This seems similair to the Sorath post, where Yes..posting leaves you open to criticism- lesson: Fuck them. Structures are just what they are, structures. Its the idea around them, that changes how people view them or use them. Ultimately..its an illusion, as you are. Look at one’s internal structures as one would external ones. A manufacturing plant in its heyday, built x. With no commission/money, it shuts down and becomes an abandoned building. Animals can live there..have families, so can people- so it becomes a home. Someone buys it..then it can be whatever someone envisions for its use.