Ritual Outline

Today is a busy day..so it was get out of bed, brush, then into ritual. Fun times.. :p That said, got into it pretty fast.

Agiel/Zazel: Zazel was chill, having a conversation with me. He mentioned, go talk to Cassiel to figure out some things- however he’ll keep working on what we’re focusing on. He was reinforcing I need to do a ritual with the Saturn sigil at some point and how it’d be handy. We then went over how to improve my potential classes.

Agiel/Cassiel: Mostly a conversation format again. He did readjust my energy system though taking out some blocks. During the conversation, he asked about the mantra work I’ve been doing- he then suggested I add on another mantra. It makes perfect sense why..no real explanation was needed on my end. He then said I need to buy the certain ingredients so he can bless them so I can use it. Finally he went over a Qigong technique which he said I need to modify in a context to relating to Saturn (its more a indirect application though again..it made sense).

Meditation: Got into it..some cartoon imagery popped in. I found I was very third person, like I was watching myself/someone on a tv screen. Some aspects gave me some issues, Cassiel popped in- and took care of it. After that..it went quiet and the meditation went blank slate. Finally I got the cue and closed temple space/banished.