Ritual Outline

Today was mostly conversations. Alot of foundation/detail orientations were pulling up. I’m viewing the Saturn work very much akin to the Tortoise from the Tortoise and the Hare story. Slow and steady..

Agiel/Zazel: Mostly a review conversation today, just reinforcing things I gotta do.

Agiel/Cassiel: Again, mostly a review conversation & focusing on detail metaphors, though there was some energetic changes happening.


Well..I was kinda like the hell..but it makes sense: for ya gamers out there you’ll smile. 😛

So essentially, I got the image above..the low down is, you use the hammer to break the glass and you get trophies. The metaphor here was..I got boons, hence I say them open (and not in the glass). Then I got this:

There a quite a few spirits who want to work with me since I’ve started doing this work..in the meditation they were really trying to get a connection/conversation going- told them..another time. I just chilled in the meditation, a few details popped in my head- however..nothing really past that.