What I am walking away from on this final night is that instinct matters. I had fun chatting up the two during a bit of a lightning storm. Honestly, as I admitted yesterday that I have a love of storms, I do try to do some kind of magical work when good storms come through. It has been a nice adrenaline rush for the official final night of this working.

Lesson learned. I am going to really try to use multiple angles in the next personal working I do and see how it effects the results. I’m going to try to get more into blogging as well, as I`ll admit that I really do not enjoy trying to put together thoughts for public display without very much time to put those thoughts together. I`m a pretty decent topical teacher, but that is due to planning and preparing ahead of time for those events.

The most beneficial things I can share off the cuff right now is a thought and challenge to try to move the personal perspective outside of time and situation. Attempt to quite the mind and emotions and look at bigger pictures. Attempt to realize that the things you hate aren’t always because they are reflections of you. Some things you hate because they are your direct opposite. Realistically however, the things you fear are also because they are opposite of what you perceive to be you. To better understand your true self, you have to attempt to come to some logical answers to why things that oppose your nature motivate you, for better or worse, so you can attain some control over them.

I have a lot of thinking and organizing of thought to do for myself for a bit after this.  I`m even wondering if I haven’t fallen into some traps of self fulfilling prophesies. I`m happier at the end of this month than I was going in. Some of that has been physical changes to the environment, but most of it has been mental change that I would explain better if I could. For now, I will step back and analyse the reduction of my stress and try to savor that as I use the mental state to move toward some new goals.

Basic Ritual Outline:

Banish with the LBRP

Charge system with Middle Pillar or similar

Invocation of the God, (Highest possible aspect of self)

Evocation of Michael to the right hand with charges for protection and binding should the lower aspects of Satan from popular culture appear.

Evocation of Satan to the left hand side.

Charge to both Spirits to make an accounting to me of the most important things they have observed in my kingdom. Time spent in reflection to receive their messages.

Charge to Satan to go forth and give challenges and tests to all who have put conscious intent into getting in the way of my Higher Will. Rewarding them with blessings for correcting their actions or severe corrections for any further interference.

Charge to Michael to go forth with protections and boons for all who have supported and aided my Higher Will. Michael always being dismissed second after Satan has left the space, just in case.

Banish with LBRP. (Some don’t think it nice to banish after angel work, but in this case of dealing with muddled energies and opposites of sorts, best to go back to neutral and go on to other tasks.