I made the Raziel mirror tonight, and did an initial consecration, but I’m going to do more consecrating over the weekend.  Sorry for the bad picture quality; it’s hard to take pictures of a mirror.

picture052 picture054 picture053

On the back is a seal I imagined/received for Raziel.  On the inside, the bottom mirror has the four archangels around it (from top clockwise: Aurial, Michael, Raphael, Gavriel).  The top mirror just has Raziel’s name in the middle (the frankincense smoke soot made it a little smeary)  To use, I line the name up so it’s on my third eye, and center my lips in the circle of names.

To consecrate:  Before writing, I washed it in salt water, and then reflected the moon in each mirror.  I then wrote the names (in Hebrew script with an alcohol marker). I prayed over the mirror, asking that it provide clear and true visions.  I fumigated it (a lot) with frankincense, and held it over the fire until it was too hot to hold, and then I set it on the porch with instructions to absorb the Vernal Equinox moon.  I did not yet conjure Raziel; right now, it’s just a generic scrying mirror with his name on it.

I’d have done more, but I’m too tired to keep my eyes open.  I’ll work on it lots more tomorrow, once I’ve made shabbat.  As I said, this was just a preliminary consecration.



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