At Aaron’s suggestion, I’m going to put some stuff in each bag, suited to each spirit, like you would in a spirit pot.  I have to think some about what goes in each one.  This post is mostly me thinking that through.

I’ll make a scroll for each bag, with the spirit’s name and seal, and a petition for help, outlining their “job duties” in the work and my responsibilities surrounding “payment” (offerings, etc).  Other than the color of paper and the specifics, those are pretty much form letters; the same for each spirit.  I might try to do an illustration of each one too, but I’m not much of a drawer.


Raziel: I’ve never worked directly with Raziel before (although I love his books, lol), and he’s not one of those angels you find in lists like 777, so I have to puzzle out what to use for him.   Sefer Razim offers nothing; I don’t have Sefer Reziel at hand, but I don’t think it does either.  He’s certainly in chockma, which isn’t much help, color-wise; white or rainbow.  He’s all about light; I could wire a little white LED in, I guess, but batteries take a lot of room.  I think I’m going to have start with just the petition scroll and maybe some frankincense (everyone like frankincense, in my experience) and then work out other stuff once I call him.

Fred, who I’ve worked with for some time, is the easiest to figure out.  He likes cedar, cloves, and tobacco, silver Mercury dimes and rum.  And the color orange.  And all things Mercurial.   I know several seals for him including a Name seal and a Conjure seal.

Bathin. Hmm… Once source says purple, lead, and mistletoe.  Another says copper, green, and sandalwood.  I’ve not worked with him before, so I can’t really say.  Can anyone advise?  Most sources seem to agree on “10 of disks”, so I think I’m going to make a tiny photocopy of that card, and toss it in.

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